True Profit Sharing...It's NOT what you think it is!

What if everyone working for a company had a stake in its success or failure?  How would this change the climate of the company, the attitude of the people, and the profitability of everyone involved?  We believe this to be the optimal environment for people to succeed in.  We are creating that environment at Avalon Investment & Securities Group, Inc.

We call it AvalonShare and believe it to be the most ethical and motivating business model we’ve ever seen.  It is a profit-sharing program for Stakeholders of Avalon enabling them to enjoy the financial benefits of ownership without the headaches and responsibilities of running the business. 

For our purposes, a Stakeholder is 1) a Registered Representative with Avalon and/or 2) an affiliated person who recruits a person who becomes a registered representative with Avalon.  (A Recruiter is anyone in the AvalonShare system chosen by the recruit as the person who referred him or her to Avalon.)

For additional information on this program, please call Das Borden at 256-381-7840 or e-mail us.

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